Saturday, 23 August 2008

Leona Lewis: Keep bleeding...

[slightly updated and bumped to 23rd because of recent news, originally posted on May 1st I think]

6 pointed stars (hexagram/hexagon), Black/white symbolism, there is a crescent moon behind her head, half her face is covered(ish) by her hair.

Any singer who has an unbelievably quick rise to stardom and is constantly built up by the media tells me there's something behind it (talent rarely has anything to do with it). Leona Lewis resonates the divine because her name has two backwards El's in it. El is one of the names for God in Judaism, so to have two in her name is quite symbolic, maybe even for twin pillars, twins in general. Leona's biggest hit has been her song "Bleeding in Love" (biggest selling single of 2007), could this be a blatant subconscious (or conscious, who knows) synch of her being a blood sacrifice (like Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, other people the media constantly obsess over)? The chorus of 'Bleeding Love' goes, "You cut me open and I... Keep Bleeding... Keep..Keep Bleeding in love." Nice. I actually like the song a lot though. It sold 66,000 copies on it's first day. She performed the song on American Idol on 23rd April in it's seventh season. In America, the single went to #1 after six weeks.

Edit: Added some additional images + see this video of her being interviewed at the 46664 concert and note the Zain (or oz [the a is oddly stylized] when considering the hurricane/spiral logo with it, also the Investec [uses Zebra in it's advertising, pulled this one from the 46664 period with the ironic "liberated thinking"] target/stargate/solar cross symbol; synchgasmic) and the numbers obviously. She is 23 and is performing in the Closing Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic games with occultist Jimmy Page, checkout NewSpaceMan's coverage. And how's this for a new (mind controlled) X-Factor contestants, had her first child at 13 [link here, typical traumatic life of an MK victim].

Best I could do in terms of LL pictured with Freemasonic checkerboards... [Edit: Her video Better in Time has her blatantly strewn across the Freemasonic checkerboard, can't believe I didn't put this in sooner.]

Another thing is she resonates Oz too as she sung "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (how much is that song used ritualistically?!?! didn't a young Israeli girl sing it to Bush recently?) in one of her X-Factor rounds. This is shown in the video below, where Sharon Osbourne (Oz) judges her, adding to the whole Oz thing. Universal hate-figure/emotion-sucker Simon Cowell calls her Oz song "The single best performance I have ever witnessed", showing even more it's significance and how Simon Cowell builds her up so much. The video also obviously has lots of X symbolism, Luciferian light and whatnot. She is "mentored" and managed by Simon Cowell, pictured above with his gold and blue freemasonic Jet-ski. Also from Wikipedia: "On the Oprah Winfrey Show on 17 March 2008, Simon Cowell said that it was during Lewis' barefoot performance of "Summertime" in the third live round of The X Factor (broadcast 28 October 2006) that he "could see her transform from a great singer into a superstar" Summertime resonating the Sun, in the third round. Her transforming from a great singer into a superstar is symbolic of butterfly's transformation so you can bring in Monarch mind control here (the picture to the left of Simon Cowell making Xs with his arms and red/white X factor X behind, could well be hinting at this with a square on the butterfly wing too; Edit: Found this image where she appears to have a butterfly belly button jewelry thing).

Like Cristiano Ronaldo (they both have resonant names too), Leona Lewis is 23. Her debut album is called SPIRIT. If you look carefully at the album cover, her eyes have a greenish glow. Also if you look carefully you can see that (just about) half her face is in slight shadow, the other in light. Whenever a W is written like it is on the album cover (a W made to look like 3 V's, volkswagen logo, weinstein movie company etc.) I automatically think of 666 because in Hebrew V is 6 so that could also be significant. The album is the first British debut album to go straight to number 1 in the US. Wikipedia states that "With her album reaching number one in at least three continents and nine countries, Lewis has had the most successful launch of any television talent show winner ever."[emphasis added]

Corporate contracts, I believe are part of the massive ritual going on on Earth. This is shown in my previous posts on football which contracts were mentioned a lot. In America she signed a 9.7 million dollar contract with J records. She worked with many different song writers, one of them is called Stargate who himself worked for S Club 7 (remember them? how amazing were they!!!), and goddess resonators like Rihanna and Beyonce.
Check out her wikipedia page for more synchs.

To finish off, a quick but powerful synch: Below is two pictures taken from Murdoch's Sunday Times Rich List. In the Young People's Rich List she is number 77. Simon Cowell, in the main Rich List is number 717.

Everything in this article is entirely speculative, do not take it too seriously. I mean no offence to any Leona Lewis fans or anyone.


aferrismoon said...

Fine post - I just put a post up with a 'cow' in it, linking with COW-EL , the Cow God .
+ in the same post a pic from FAMILY GUY showing the Wizard of OZ characters.
Also there's LEO in her name, while NEWSPACEMAN posted a blog a couple or so weeks ago, about the Masonic instrument THE LEWIS
Anagram = LL A WISE ONE
while Leona gives ENOLA and ALONE
ALONE L - WISE [ with the L representing the Mason Square]
Cheers All Wise One

Benjamin Singleton said...

Yeah good info, cheers.

I thought of the Leo the Lion one later that night, it's my astrological sign though so you'd think I'd have noticed!

I covered that Simpsons episode too (see my post Holy Synchromystic Sundays on FOX), which had some interesting imagery + zooey.

But not in the same way you did it, I just uploaded the caps, great post btw.

Benjamin Singleton said...

Also, I'm probably going to run into some copyright problems with all the scans/screen caps I put in, does anyone have any tips for avoiding such issues? Cheers.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers for leading me to your post , its great - quite the same, and little bits difference.
Both have the same Golden Dawn shot
I thought about the WEDDING scene but just went another way - can't put it all in, sometimes Simpsons = a constant stream of synchro-stuff.
Check Tod's latest article at THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS , he has a photo of a pile of pigs, I told him about the piles of cows in Simpsons
NEWSPACEMAN includes the LEWIS in his latest post with a link to the original article - so that synchs up nicely
Re: copyright - don't know

Benjamin Singleton said...

HAHA that's quite funny that you mention that post, so synched. Check out my post (Don't let the pigs get away) where I linked to the article you speak of. I was thinking of putting that pile of pigs photo in it, if I'd have made the connection you have I definitely would have added it (they're so obvious once someone points them out to you, ty).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

please stop quoting wiki for every numerology combination you had in mind... it makes your efforts seem pathetic, and that's not the case.
by the way... you should really check the movie 23 :)... can you see it? :D

Newspaceman said...

Leona - Lioness

Lewis - a "lewis" stone is utilised in masonry to move a heavier stone into place. Think about that on a larger scale, in terms of collective/group mind control.


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